Esther Arroyo |


Actress, model and television presenter from Andalusia.

Esther Arroyo was Miss Spain in 1990, after which she began her career in television and film as a presenter, contributor and actress. She made her acting debut in the Spanish TV series Más que amigos, although her most prominent role was as Ali in the series Periodistas which she played for four years.
In films she has appeared in Atún y chocolate by Pablo Carbonell and in 2004 voiced Mirage in the Spanish version of The Incredibles.

Travel and the sea are essential ingredients in the life of this Cadiz native. That’s because Esther is a true devotee of the sea and coastal towns. As a child she spent every summer in the south of France and with her family used to come down to Cap de Creus, an area she loves and where she feels at home.

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