Oriol Vila | Actor


A film, television and theatre actor born in Barcelona, he started out in theatre at the age of 15 in the United States in the musical ‘Big River’ at the Hampton Playhouse in New Hampshire. He has done acting classes in Spain and the United States in addition to studies as a director and screenwriter at the Escac school in Barcelona.

As an actor he has appeared in a large number of television series and films such as ‘The Pelayos’, ‘Lasa y Zabala’ and ‘Every Song Is About Me’, a performance for which he was nominated for the Goya Award for Best New Actor in 2010. As a director and playwright he created and directed together with Jordi Oriol the show ‘Big Berberecho’ which premiered at the 2012 Temporada Alta Theatre Festival.
Since then his ventures have included setting up the Nico & Sunset music and theatre project with Raquel Salvador and directing and co-producing the play ‘Paradise’.

With such a busy life, Oriol admits that what he likes most is taking long walks in the heart of nature. Want to go with him on his tour of el Priorat?