Imatges que expliquen secrets

Eelco Roos no va deixar de capturar amb la seva càmera ni un sol moment del seu InstagramTrip amb Catalunya Experience.

Els seus dies van passar entre muntanyes, penya-segats i la naturalesa més salvatge de diferents escenaris catalans.

Les seves originals fotografies descobreixen els secrets millor guardats de la nostra terra.

No te’ls perdis!

Galeria d'imatges

Catalonian #puddlegram
Spectacular views in the mountains at Siurana. (Sorry for deleting previous post, I will post it later today, one little detail I have to adjust :)
@barrut in Casa Batllo
Catalonia has been a blast so far, today we went into the mountains, and since the Netherlands is as flat as a pancake, it was incredible.
This is @justhanni, stunned by the awesome view. It has been such a privilege to meet and travel across Catalonia with these amazing people from all over the world. Blessed...
@hirozzzz looking out over beautiful Tortosa.
Daydreaming about Catalonia...
Living on the edge | @mery_tweety
@hirozzzz all exited after finishing his 15th Oyster.
Remembering good times in Spain...
Living on the edge... Catalonia was the best. The people, the culture, the towns and cities. One of the other nice things was meeting people in person which you already knew trough Instagram. This guy was one of them: my man @hirozzzz
Barcelona #amustgosee
#barcelona #puddlegram
Siurana Mountains. Brave @hirozzzz risking it all for that one shot.
#casabatllo Barcelona
last day in catalonia.
Catching the sunrise with @justhanni @thomas_k and @hirozzzz
Catedral De Tortosa. This is such a beautiful town, a lot of different cultures and building styles...
In awe...

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